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Supia's Art List

to-do list: blue by sira16inu

personal: blue by sira16inu

Supia Riding Balloonicorn to Victory!

Supia as a little Vixen

Supia Freak Fortress Character (CBSupia or Twitch!Supia)

Supia Unmasked with her Unusual Purple Confetti Attendant

Supia with cute Blue and Purple Swimsuit with a Lime Green Popsicle

Balloonicorn OC named Sweetheart

New OC Spy Toby in SFM or Drawing

Snoopia Dogg SFM Pic

Work on Supia QnA again

gifts: blue by sira16inu

Supia with :iconwario-girl: and :iconemzietowers: SFM Comic

Milo and Supia SFM for :iconminimyu:

Kitty Self Commission for :iconsainttheking:

Butler Captain Kinky and Maid Sallie Commission for :iconwario-girl:

Me, Sallie, and Emzie as Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus

ETC. More to come

art trades: blue by sira16inu

Art trade with :iconagentslate:

Supia and Sallie Cooking for :iconwario-girl:

collaborations: blue by sira16inu

Slumber Party with :iconemzietowers: and :iconwario-girl:

~ :iconnorequests: :iconcommissionsask: ~


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Karissa Yvonne Kaveney
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My birthday badge

My Youtube:…

:heart:Boyfriend Stamp by SparkLum:heart:
~Long Distance Relationship by Pharaonenfuchs~Long Distance -Stamp by katsumi630~

He is the love of my life and makes me the happiest I've ever felt :heart:
~ The Sniper to My Pyro ~ The Huntsman Arrow To My Heart ~ The Exile to My Ember ~


:heart:~My Kawaii Brigade~:heart:ヽ(๑╹∀╹๑)ノ

~My one and only love~ *JKFAE*

:iconzimsd619: - JVC is a Sniper that is rough, tough, and rushes right into things without thinking sometimes; although strong. He enjoys going out with a fight but what you don’t know is that he’s a soft and caring person under all of that. He cares about his friends and jokes around, even with his harshness. JVC is this amazing man and the love of my life, I want to say so much about him but he’s just too amazing and awesome to comprehend. The Huntsman to my Heart and the Sniper to my Pyro~ I love him so much, forever and always~ :heart:

~The PowerFortress Girls~ *Sisters from Another Mister*

:iconemzietowers: - "Blossom" A sweet and caring FemHeavy with a heart of gold, she has the tendency to be motherly protecting her friends. Though she is a strong fighter, don’t let her soft demeanor fool you~ You has been such an amazing sister to me, you are here for me and I can come to you and talk to you about everything :heart: You are simply just awesome~

:iconwario-girl: - "Buttercup" A FemSoldier who is kind and sweet! She always thinks and cares for her friends and team and would do anything for them. Her love for building and machinery is admirable. She is working to be a better Soldier but she can still kick your butt! You are also amazing sister, I appreciate that I can come to you for anything and that you are here for me as well :heart:

You and Emzie are like my two big TF2 sisters ~ I love you both so much and you both are very dear to me :heart: Thank you for being always there for me, I feel that I've known you two girls for ages yet It hasn't even been that long! You two inspire me so very much!

~The DemoKing~ *Big Brother Sainty*

:iconsainttheking: - A kind king that loves to watch over his kingdom and his followers. Saint the DemoKing is a loyal friend to all and cares about them. He also loves fighting and is funny~ He’s awesome and righteous and isn’t afraid to speak his mind! Even if it is the alcohol talking~ He's like a big brother with how much he's helped and cared about me, thank you for being a great person I can come and talk to when I feel I need help or advice :heart:

~The Ship of Metal and Bones~ *SkullJack*

:iconkojackjr: - The Robotic Heavy with a gentle demeanor of the group! Kojack is a great friend of all of us and is very funny. He’s an amazing person and is great to talk to and is the nicest and friendliest robot you’ll ever meet!

:icondementedmind96: - A Skeleton-like FemPyro that is a sweetheart on the inside. Even though she’s a mystery, she’s a friendly and fun to all. She has a thing for the Robot up above and they are cuties~

~The Insane One~ *The one and only known only as...*

:iconuncle-crusty: - The Crazy and Insane Soldier known none other as Uncle Crusty. Though don’t let his attitude fool you, when he’s not busy trying to sex someone up, do cocaine, and do wild things, he is actually pretty chill and a great and loyal friend (even if on the weird side!).

~The Kind Scoot~ *Ultra Kawaii One*

:iconrotneybot: -This Scout is one of a kind, and a very loyal and sweet Scout. Really protective and a great friend to those he holds dear. Apart of the Kawaii brigade that will rule the world one day. If you piss him off, you are in a world of hurt. A great listener and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Like a little brother to me, and just a great person in general! Keep being kawaii! Sincerely, the Omega Kawaii Queen Supia (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) ♥

~That Scooty Booty~ *Secretly apart of the girls*

:iconsplinter-kun: - An awesome and nice Scout who is Kojack’s adopted Brother. Friendly and happy around pretty much everyone he’s a great person to chill and talk to. He’s a great friend and will speak up for anyone. He does pack a punch if you get on his wrong side though!

~Other Awesome TF2 friends with honorable mentions not in the Gang~

~The Darkness Incarnate~ *Actually is a Dingle*

:iconforgemaster18: - A Pyro that’s mysterious and dark by nature, a bit satanic as well. You best not piss this Pyro off or he’ll definitely leave you for dead. Though besides that, if you befriend him he’s not only a great friend but you’ll be on his good side. No one wants to see his bad side, trust me.
You've been there ever since me and JVC were friends and got together, you are an awesome dude and your art is wonderful~

~The Sweet yet Powerful~ *Satan's Daughter*

:iconwitchygmod: - A demon who takes form of a witch, Satan’s Daughter, who can transform into a Scout at will. Witchy is protective over her friends but if you piss her off, you will have a 1 way ticket to hell. Literally. She is very protective over her friends but she is more protective with her daughter, Celina, who is the only family she has. If you’re good to go.
You are one awesome dude though, You inspire me in so many ways. I love your work so much and your friendship means a lot to me

~The Red One~ *The Creator*

:iconlemurfotart: - A man that has quite simply done a lot to inspire me. You are also a big inspiration and friend, I wish for you and Witchy to have a lot of success in what you guys do. Honestly, you two are an amazing team. I enjoy talking to you whenever I do, you sure are interesting~

DeadlySupia (Pixel GIF Prize) by Adammatic


Amnesia Family:

Other Good Friends: :iconsuphiria: :iconspytoy: :iconlemurfotart::iconlalasosu2::iconsabbaru::iconalice-in-brennenburg::iconshadymidna::iconartlover4life:

I have way more friends than this x_x if you aren't on here don't feel bad :heart: You still mean the world to me!

Drawing/Writing/Gmod/SFM/Cosplay artists I look up to and are inspired by:

I will add more that I know but here are some :heart:

New Voice Acting Video Up~

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 6:51 PM
  • Mood: Glad
  • Listening to: Unknown - Lifehouse
  • Reading: The Intelligence
  • Watching: my Boyfriend snipe someones head off
  • Playing: with my Degreaser
  • Eating: Nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: *Tourettes Guy voice* GET ME SOME SHIT. TO DRINK.

Yet again for :iconwitchygmod:~

I voice Witchy and her daughter Celina this time!

Simple Question I need to know: Is my art (Drawing and SFM) worth real money? (Be Completely Honest Here) 

30 deviants said Yes
7 deviants said No

How do YOU pronounce 'Supia'? 

38 deviants said Soo-pee-uh
33 deviants said Soup-ee-ah
10 deviants said Sooh-pe-a (Pronounced in the way of Spear)
8 deviants said Other (Comment)


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68 / 1,000
Only if ya feel like donating I don't mind~ c: Will most likely use these for commissions

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