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~San Diego California Trip~

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 26, 2015, 5:40 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Sugar - Maroon 5
  • Reading: Wonderful Memories
  • Watching: Stuff on Youtube
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: Nothing at the Moment
  • Drinking: Water

This is obviously my journal about the trip I went to go see :iconzimsd619: for two weeks. If I could show you the videos I took I would but I can't as i lose internet if I try to upload them on Youtube. Also might as well put this up now before my membership runs out because I can't refill it in time.

~ First Day ~

Got up around 6 in the morning to get on the plane to go to San Diego which I had a hell of a time dragging my luggage on the plane... never taking the luggage bag that I had again with me and will take a lighter or easier one to hold.

Once I got on and there it was a pretty smooth flight there
 photo 12301759_10206676998461168_8542498755350603551_n.jpg
 photo 12294871_10206676999341190_3239623224599795077_n.jpg

Once I got there I was in a frantic hurry to find him because I wasn't given a phone by my parents, but thankfully the Information desk let me use their phone so that I could find him which was kind of them to do. He finally found me and we both hugged each other but wanted to get back to the car where his dad was waiting. He pretty much ran through the airport because he didn't know which gate I was coming out of. Thankfully he did find me though!

 photo 12299368_1096355527049979_566825883390927828_n.jpg
On our way home from the Airport!

Once I got to his house right when I walked into the door his cat TC sniffed me and instantly liked me, the other two Katrina and Charlie were a bit skittish but that's okay.

 photo 12289599_10206677415111584_150138777532853511_n.jpg
He got these beautiful red carnations for me when I arrived, sadly I had to leave them behind

~ Day 2 ~

We went to Mount Soledad where it is a Veteran's memorial but the view was gorgeous, I was in awe because I had never seen anything like it in my life!

 photo 12341027_10206680681073231_3713755724988049332_n.jpg

 photo 12316066_10206680680073206_8341710075260360848_n.jpg

 photo 12313544_10206680678153158_8795447217117512067_n.jpg

 photo 12301684_10206680679833200_6781891600142625245_n.jpg

 photo 12289561_10206680678833175_217583555380614468_n.jpg

 photo 12347745_10206680680753223_4222562659934552032_n.jpg

 photo 12311122_10206680679513192_1126472494944451970_n.jpg

 photo 12294694_776137255853266_8553688977086280116_n.jpg

 photo 12321462_776137739186551_4666859923204856083_n.jpg

 photo 12348025_776137709186554_2189952888924615768_n.jpg

We then traveled over to La Johia and to the beach! It was my first time on the beach and I was obviously in awe, of course I got excited to touch the water because I literally touched the ocean and I've never done that before!

 photo 12346309_776137755853216_1583543716426971292_n.jpg

 photo 12347936_10206680681553243_1069840766858194444_n.jpg

 photo 12342823_10206680681273236_2670316141063609146_n.jpg

 photo 12347600_10206680682593269_4900132731891132291_n.jpg

 photo 12346303_10206680683113282_9135262409263219538_n.jpg

(These seagulls flocked around us and wanted food, I have a video where they flew around my head and I kept getting startled and laughing but I eventually lifted up a cracker and one swooped and grabbed it from my hand! It was so cool!)

 photo 12342809_10206680683673296_4129353959376562398_n.jpg

 photo 12341572_10206680683993304_7325666505315113831_n.jpg

 photo 12316245_10206680685353338_6351412790911909098_n.jpg

 photo 12311280_10206680685673346_6759663279222352587_n.jpg

 photo 12310435_10206680684513317_3493459089416725141_n.jpg

 photo 12314045_10206680686513367_3680766060129783794_n.jpg

(Exile wrote that in the sand <3)

 photo 12342830_10206680685993354_1641320980791706310_n.jpg

 photo 12314056_10206680686673371_5919547956792465766_n.jpg

We then went to downtown San Diego to go see the piers and military ships

 photo 12321113_10206680687113382_5020845224122304391_n.jpg

 photo 12342733_10206680689593444_1040160164122624860_n.jpg

 photo 12301779_776137532519905_8557703086006968064_n.jpg

 photo 12346462_10206680689913452_8648407761290881335_n.jpg

 photo 12289465_10206680691073481_1705486210186894890_n.jpg

We then headed back home... needless to say I was really tired

~ Day 3 ~

We went to the San Diego Zoo! Just before anything we walked 3 miles there... with uphill and I was like so in pain for my feet and my body too. Was sad I didn't get to see any foxes :C

 photo 12301631_10206686618541664_9027635558619150360_n.jpg

 photo 12308308_10206686616621616_3457599793527453208_n.jpg

 photo 12294806_10206686615861597_8372589152233019051_n.jpg

 photo 12348120_10206686618101653_5845185401123376636_n.jpg

 photo 12345682_10206686616301608_7207353898327878644_n.jpg
 photo 12341286_10206686617341634_1432229167741885612_n.jpg

(Took a pic because of my zodiac sign being a lion aka Leo)

 photo 12313560_10206686617821646_2719468214861234317_n.jpg

(I took this because he's my Honeybear ~ :heart:)

 photo 12341573_1097537596931772_2589721348033940903_n.jpg

(fake picture but these people kinda dragged us into this picture XD)

 photo 12308720_10206686617061627_5945284054145315848_n.jpg

(These ducks WOULD NOT LEAVE US ALONE they wanted our popcorn... XD)

 photo 12308308_10206686616621616_3457599793527453208_n.jpg

 photo 11036454_10206686615261582_2404333414714554208_n.jpg

"This is Pequod Arriving shortly at LZ"

 photo 12308535_10206686615621591_7938770236425875364_n.jpg

Exile in his Mancave... Only I'm allowed in XD

We then went home but not before we were on a lift and Exile got a bit scared because he's scared of heights

~ Day 4 ~

Woke up to this fluffball being adorable <3 Aka TC

 photo 12308557_10206692692813517_7014231881981106126_n.jpg

We went to Coronado this day and got into nice clothes! We went over the bridge too! I slightly got a teeny bit sunburned too on my face

 photo 12289628_10206692694213552_7429722422880403533_n.jpg

 photo 12346553_10206692694613562_5393416446943452551_n.jpg

His parents then took some nice photos overlooking the city and such

 photo 12308473_777566022377056_8979766393915311167_n.jpg

 photo 12347966_777566055710386_6659794797627526943_n.jpg

 photo 12342614_777566185710373_5070388253778184898_n.jpg

We then went to Coronado Beach and Hotel Del Coronado! It was GORGEOUS! I was tired though... and I kinda pulled my leg trying to go through the soft sand so it was a struggle

 photo 12348136_10206692695413582_4976141511984663873_n.jpg

 photo 12316177_777566332377025_1630057655939262745_n.jpg

 photo 12347691_777566319043693_5701385299826977406_n.jpg

 photo 12321635_777566692376989_8122433789249477575_n.jpg

 photo 12294791_777566729043652_5136887652964266420_n.jpg

 photo 12342804_10206692696333605_1298365545197674676_n.jpg

We then went to The Corvette Diner which seems to be pretty famous! Sorry for the dark pictures we were in the glow in the dark area

 photo 12345633_10206692696813617_1340580404109267323_n.jpg

 photo 12342533_10206692697133625_2458690834447078694_n.jpg

Let me say their chocolate milkshakes... A+++++++++ will have again holy shit best milkshake I've tasted in my life, the burger was also pretty good as well!

 photo 12345562_10206692697773641_4969231368130675438_n.jpg

 photo 12342843_10206692697293629_2978498953572257550_n.jpg

 photo 12313662_10206692697533635_4809306833184591517_n.jpg

 photo 12308713_10206692698133650_4167829101560296010_n.jpg

(We got those hats too hehe, also sorry for the blurriness we were in a rush to go lol so I didn't have a steady hand)

We then went around and saw some Christmas lights together! It was awesome! <3

~ Day... I don't remember lol but we had in-between days that we spent together~

We went to Old Town San Diego with his Grandparents as it had a lot of history! It was where San Diego first started out as and it was really cool to see! I also had a Churro for the first time in my life hehe I also bought a glass necklace there. His grandparents got me a t-shirt of San Diego there as well!

 photo 12342419_10206709401151215_6679348804073020818_n.jpg

 photo 12308425_10206709403911284_7349860034017863051_n.jpg

 photo 12308696_10206709417271618_895616114193687709_n.jpg

 photo 12386745_10206814551554296_130084580_n.jpg

 photo 12395671_10206814552154311_1681815066_n.jpg

 photo 12369054_10206709425591826_2201922903474112185_n.jpg

 photo 12314028_10206709428391896_5778568577807294105_n.jpg

 photo 12360205_10206709421671728_1018921498353758966_n.jpg

 photo 12341062_10206709409751430_1434865817428089530_n.jpg

 We then went to a Mexican Restaurant together!

 photo 12395610_10206814551274289_636741951_n.jpg

 photo 12380320_10206814551234288_1097070958_n.jpg

 photo 12316136_10206709441472223_8779348306811659000_n.jpg

 photo 12316275_10206709439992186_8493663565740393558_n.jpg

 photo 12301473_10206709441712229_6901535396605447719_n.jpg

 photo 12310544_10206709440232192_4384638322181327587_n.jpg

Those quesadillas and salsa were pretty awesome~

We then went to a Mexican Market

 photo 12380546_10206814549954256_1375687751_n.jpg

 photo 12387748_10206814548594222_1638525754_n.jpg

 photo 12360279_10206709443312269_1244522013345883355_n.jpg

 photo 12347754_10206709443552275_1214600668432049270_n.jpg

 photo 12313920_10206709442112239_1199412568055890313_n.jpg

We then went to Balboa Park and the Car Museum, I have many pictures of cars but this is the only one I can show

 photo 12369271_10206709451712479_6191238575516736065_n.jpg

 photo 12311257_10206709456832607_5519795163924770312_n.jpg

(Yes the Delorean~)

Then we went to Balboa Park

 photo 12359859_10206709458232642_2973120927934418931_n.jpg

 photo 12359951_10206709460192691_5184134225864443795_n.jpg

 photo 12359879_10206709459472673_3578802317500422025_n.jpg

 photo 12369146_10206709457872633_1492895343286888766_n.jpg

 photo 12313530_10206709457032612_3907774660830051582_n.jpg

 photo 12310657_10206709457552625_393570936201241267_n.jpg

 photo 12308479_10206709457272618_2593997546145550583_n.jpg

 photo 12366711_10206814546794177_907938983_n.jpg

 photo 12308794_10206709461352720_6823126389739584716_n.jpg

 photo 12347887_10206709439592176_9188294264233334836_n.jpg

 photo 12310575_10206709460712704_5940452627616298520_n.jpg

~ The day after... I believe ~

Exile and I went to Grossmont Center in the rain which when we were by Target, Exile slipped on a tiny hill with mud going up to the sidewalk and he landed on his butt/side and pretty much his leg and jacket sleeve was full of mud. I was hurting and trying to get there but we both had a laugh with that, and some guy came up to him and asked if he was okay. It was okay though but I was really sore from all the exercise we had been getting.

 photo 12360169_10206726347454862_5418427835002464880_n.jpg

 photo 12075019_10206726347934874_5371727853040200835_n.jpg

I made a wish and got it in the second top bowl hehe

 photo 12227034_10206726347054852_7129978650169098232_n.jpg

 photo 12359990_1102815249737340_8398941794035777586_n.jpg

Didn't take too many pictures because it was rainy and such

Went home and such after that

~ Next Day ~

 photo 12359830_10206736788715887_8607715019653255890_n.jpg

Didn't do much but chill and then try to go up to Mount Helix but they had a play that night so we had to go in the morning but took this pic in the car

~ 2nd to Last day~

We finally went up to Mount Helix, it was cold up there but it was so beautiful as well because you could see literally everything

 photo 12360225_10206741518034117_7245090869397620279_n.jpg

 photo 12390884_781132975353694_4681172532628926792_n.jpg

 photo 12369068_10206741520074168_6061766396009980974_n.jpg

 photo 12360435_10206741523434252_5391346985096126865_n.jpg

 photo 12360086_10206741522274223_7095029333722616617_n.jpg

 photo 12342726_10206741523914264_6048372925765444094_n.jpg

 photo 12342697_10206741518634132_6115667329227234999_n.jpg

 photo 12341167_10206741518794136_4461126984659364305_n.jpg

~ Last Day ~

It was an emotional good bye but not a forever good bye~ We'll see each other again soon :heart: I was really tired and stressed out in the pictures because I always get that way in an airport

 photo 1966843_10206748092438473_3502487397826937571_n.jpg

 photo 12360066_10206748092038463_3477818036663766874_n.jpg

 photo 12391224_1102814839737381_5195984508730647320_n.jpg

 photo 12359966_1102815236404008_7274398775673547958_n.jpg

 photo 12341030_1102814819737383_4237160891854443868_n.jpg

 photo 165998_10206748092798482_4752316817356567604_n.jpg

Other pictures that I'm not going back to add them or forgot where they go:

 photo 12388229_10206814581075034_1339227259_n.jpg

Me and Exile and his parents c:

 photo 12313904_1097924326893099_947742334554625870_n.jpg

Finally got to meet :iconforgemaster18: :heart: It's the trio in real life! He stayed the night and such and it was really nice to talk to him and such!

 photo 12347653_10206680677673146_4610491070705413135_n.jpg

 photo 12342318_10206680677953153_5529897460549169668_n.jpg

The cutie TC :heart: he would always curl up next to me and meow at me for petting or would follow me around

 photo 1723006_10206820930219372_6900629061945701998_n.jpg

The beautiful Black Onyx and Diamond Ring Exile got for me~ :heart:

 photo 12359924_10206741524794286_4754726229648541017_n.jpg

:iconwario-girl: sent us a package and we opened it at his grandparents house which is the only video I can show

Among the things I didn't take pictures of I will tell you!

I had amazing mexican food called El Azteca from up the road where he lives and their famous Carne Asada burrito and HOO boy Exile was right that it was so good~

His friend Emilio came over and surprisingly he was quite the hugger! We played the Wii U that he has and played Smash Bros (I was Zero Suit Samus most of the time but surprisingly won with the meme king himself Shulk once but I wasn't the best because I haven't learned how to do it yet.), Yoshi's Woolly World, and Mario Kart (which I also bad at) but we all had fun!

I played through Mortal Kombat X's story mode and played a couple of games as Mileena. I also played a bit of Fallout 4 and GTA 5. I was given one of Exile's controllers to keep and also did a bit of Halo with him.

I got a cute little keychain of a polar bear in water from the Zoo on my wallet now too.

His parents got me a Blue hoodie that says "California" with a bear on it (that I'm currently wearing because its cold out and snowed finally) and a blue and sparkly hand-made scarf from his step-mom :heart:

I also got a Sailor Moon Manga book and got me and him a few snacks and a usb cord. We also got Arizona Tea (mostly), pop, and water. 

We had some silly moments together and some romantic moments together but all of them were good times. :heart: Sadly I couldn't fit all of the pictures in here!

I thank everyone who made this possible! It was an incredible experience and I want to go again soon! :heart: I know I will go again soon! My heart belongs in California for sure~

Lastly the last thing I left for Exile and his family:

 photo 10414918_1103551472997051_145406868753571642_n.jpg


If you read through all of this you get a ton of gold stars! :star::star::star:

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